for Events

Bonfire® for Events coordinates all of your group's event registration activity.


Attendee Registration

Collect detailed information about your attendees and their preferences.  All fields are completely customizable so you can capture exactly the information you need for your event.  Sophisticated data validation rules ensure that only good data is saved to your database.
Bonfire® for Events handles multiple attendees.  Each attendee form can be customized with different data validation rules.  Forms can show/hide data depending on attendee type.

Confirmation Emails

If a valid email is provided, confirmation emails are immediately sent to the registrant upon completion of the transaction.  These confirmation emails are also copied to designated event coordinators.

Store Integration

You can sell items to your group members as part of their online registration process.  The system is easily configured so that your members can select and pay for everything all together.

Accept Multiple Payment Options

If your event has a cost, you have the choice to easily collect payments online safely and securely.  Give your members the ability to pay with credit cards (Visa, Master Card, or American Express) and e-checks.

Realtime Reports

The event management team has 24/7/365 access to detailed realtime reports which track every aspect of your transactions.

Data Export

All data is easily exported to Microsoft Excel and .csv.

And much, much more!!!

Please contact us today to schedule a demo and find out more about Bonfire® for Events.



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