for Yearbooks

for Yearbooks provides your group with a robust publishing platform designed to maximize member participation and enhance your printed works.


Online Data Collection

Tired of having to manually sort through all of the paper submissions received from your group members?  Let Bonfire® for Yearbooks' Online Data Collection System handle the receipt and organization of all of your member data in one place.  No longer will editors and volunteers be burdened with the daunting task of receiving and organizing the submissions from each group member.  Bonfire® for Yearbooks' is scalable, and equipped to handle updated profile, essay, and photo submissions from all of your group members with consistency and ease.  Take the pain out of submitting updated data, photos, and essays by moving your data collection online, thereby improving member response and more effectively enforcing publishing deadlines.  And easily export the data with one click into a ready-to-print file!
Task Delegation
Managing every aspect of creating your organization's publication is a difficult task, especially for groups utilizing the services of volunteer editors.  Centralize administration of your various publishing tasks through the Bonfire® for Yearbooks' Dashboard.  In one place, view the submission status of each group member and the progress of your editors, as well as manage and delegate the data collection and editing duties of your volunteers or staff.

Customized Print Formats

Looking for a specific layout of information, photos, and essays within your printed works?  Want to include only a specific subset of member information within your publication?  Need to set a different print format for those group members who didn't submit new information?  Let Bonfire® for Yearbooks' Customizable Print Formats achieve each of these goals and more.  With multiple layouts available that can be integrated within each other, as well as over thirty default information sections that can be individually customized, achieving the custom look and feel of your published works is right at your fingertips.  Set specific options regarding the classification of respondents, use customized abbreviations, and provide supplements such as geographical or name change indices directly within your site prior to taking your book to print.  The Bonfire Publishing Module even offers online previews of each format as changes are made, to eliminate any guesswork as your publishing vision becomes a reailty!

And much, much more!!!

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