for Fundraising

Bonfire® for Fundraising provides your group with a robust fundraising platform designed to maximize participation and achieve unprecedented results.


Real-Time, Online Progress Tracking

With Bonfire® for Fundraising, any visitor to your Web site can instantly view the current, real-time progress of your fundraising campaign.  Our Progress Thermometer automatically updates any number of progress metrics, including group participation percentage, total pledges received, and total dollars pledged to date, each time a pledge has been received by Bonfire® for Fundraising.  No longer will fundraising coordinators have to field progress questions from volunteers or donors.  Campaign volunteers will instantly see how their efforts have made an impact on your campaign.  And donors can instantly view how their donation has moved your organization closer to your fundraising goals.  Keep donors and group members up-to-date to maximize participation in your campaign, and see how higher level of involvement yield unprecedented results!
Having a friendly competition between fundraising groups?  Bonfire® for Fundraising can also keep up-to-date comparative statistics for multiple group fundraising campaigns at once!  Let your progress do the talking as you view not only the progress of your campaign but that of your competitors all in one location.  There's nothing like competition to keep your group reaching for the opportunity to be the best, bringing even higher levels of return on your fundraising ventures!

Volunteer Management

Tired of chasing volunteers to hand out solicitation assignments?  Want to know what group members have submitted pledges already?  The Bonfire® for Fundraising Dashboard allows Fundraising Chairpersons the opportunity to assign, manage, and track the progress of all of your fundraising volunteers and group members in one easy-to-access location.  View the status of group donors, pledge amounts, member contact, and volunteer participation to keep your finger on the pulse of your fundraising efforts. 

And much, much more!!!

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