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Bonfire® for Classes gives your alumni class affinity group a shared online calendar, online newsletter publishing, email capabilities, a group photo album, and online surveys, each designed to preserve and maintain total affinity and participation amongst your group members. 
Shared Online Calendar
A shared calendar enables your group's members to all be on the same page about upcoming events.  Bonfire® for Classes allows authorized members to easily create new calendar entries and edit old ones.

Graphical Newsletter Editor

Every group website needs a place for news.  The Newsletters feature gives your group secretary word-processor level control over the formatting of each news article.  Of course, web-based news can go far beyond what can be printed.  Use the wizards in the Bonfire™ Newsletters feature to add pictures, links to other websites, video or sound files. Make your articles come alive with all sorts of formatting and coloring effects. 

Newsletter Archive

Since the the Newsletters feature keeps all past issues of your information readily available and searchable, your old news will become a treasured history of your members' march through time.

Email Forwarding

Our simple to use interface gives your site administrator the ability to create and manage email forwarding accounts.  Multiple accounts can be created for a single individual, several members can share one email address, and email can be redirected to any member's valid email address.

Lifelong Email Addresses

Members can have lifelong email addresses using your group's domain name.  These lifelong email addresses can be customized at any time; if a group member changes a personal email address to which a Bonfire® for Classes Email address routes email, the Bonfire® for Classes email address can be immediately reconfigured by your site administrator so that mail delivery continues uninterrupted.

Customized Email Lists

Want to reach a specific subset of your group membership via email at any time, without having to remember each individual member's email address?  Create a Bonfire® for Classes Email List with specific membership, send/receive, and administration options to suit your needs.  Each Bonfire® for Classes Email List is assigned it's own individual email address using your group's domain name, and uses the Bonfire® for Classes Email Forwarding capability to route and deliver your message to each member of the List.  Bonfire® for Classes Email Lists allow you to reach hundreds or even thousands of members at once, all in one location!

Organize and Display Member Photos

The Bonfire® for Classes Photo Album allows members to upload images in multiple graphical formats like JPG and GIF.  Thumbnail images are automatically displayed and images can be organized into multiple folders and subfolders.  Folders can be set to display images in alphabetic order, reverse alphabetic order, date order and reverse date order.

Customizable Captions

All items can easily be annotated with text captions during submission, as well as after being uploaded into the Album.

Graphical Survey Editor

You can get a read on your classmates' opinions using the Bonfire® for Classes Surveys Module which makes short work of constructing and administering surveys.  A graphical survey editor lets the administrator design single or multiple question surveys with multiple choice, yes/no, and write-in answers.

Survey Reporting

Tallying the results of your survey will be a breeze.  In seconds, the Bonfire® for Classes Surveys Module computes totals and percentages for each question in your survey.  Attractive reports are prepared and ready for printout or publication on your website.

And much, much more!!!

Please contact us today to schedule a demo and find out more about Bonfire® for Classes.



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