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Reunion Technologies, LLC. develops hosted software solutions that maximize affinity, participation and loyalty.
How do we do it?  By conceptualizing your group as a long-lasting business and social entity.  We thoroughly understand group dynamics and offer dynamic technology solutions which leverage the power of social networks around recurring interpersonal events, like reunions. 

The four founders first began working together in 2002 when they were nominated to serve on an Alumni
Council committee at Princeton University (this volunteer
committee was specifically tasked to help plan and run Princeton Reunions, a renowned annual event that attracts more than 20,000 loyal alumni every year).  The founder's individual passion for alumni relations is evidenced in their own volunteer efforts which drives their unique combination of vision and entrepreneurial zeal at Reunion Technologies.


Hugh Wachter


Hugh has extensive start-up experience with USA Today and other weekly and monthly magazines.  For example, as Managing Editor/Editor of Washington Technology, he planned and directed all coverage, graphics and special sections for a semi-monthly tabloid averaging 48 pages with a circulation of 35,000.  He also managed a quarterly publication in the same company, Technology Transfer Business, which averaged 60 pages and a circulation of 40,000.  He has also successfully and profitably run his own company, Reunion Press, for over ten years. He was inspired to create Reunion Press in 1993 when he celebrated the 25 anniversary of his graduation from Princeton University.  In commemoration of this once-in-a-lifetime event, he edited and published a 496-page hardcover yearbook for his classmates of the Princeton University Class of 1968.  This creation prompted Peter Kinder, President of Kinder, Lydenberg, Domini & Co. and collector of reunion books dating back to the mid 19th century, to call it "the best I’ve ever seen."

John Weaver


In 1997, John celebrated the 5th anniversary of his graduation from Princeton University. At that time, he was elected by his classmates to serve a five-year term as the class Treasurer and over the next few years, he used his technology skills to develop a number of tools, like web-enabled credit card processing, that his classmates could utilize.  For their 10th reunion in 2002, he developed an online registration system which facilitated transaction processing.  With his system widely credited as the reason for the smashing of many of Princeton’s 10th reunion records, he was inspired to commercialize his product and co-found Reunion Technologies.  John has extensive operating and corporate experience.  In addition to helping launch another Princeton start-up (Midi, Inc.) and three others (Poisoned Ivy Entertainment, Markow and Associates and Iemic, Inc.), he has managed multi-million dollar budgets in growth and decline phases.  The philanthropy experience he acquired while working as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at LISC, a national nonprofit that has raised more than $4 billion dollars to date, has given him invaluable insight into the world of fundraising and affinity.  A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, John leads the sales, marketing and finance efforts of Reunion Technologies.

John Bruestle


In 2003, John celebrated the 25th anniversary of his graduation from Princeton University. As the prior owner of a software development company and the vice-chairman of the Princeton Charter Club, one of Princeton University’s eleven Eating Clubs, he had developed software to help run the club and assist classmates to stay in touch with each other.  His package was a phenomenal internal success and he soon began marketing it to other Princetonians.  Within a year, almost a dozen clients were lined up. This prompted John to help co-found Reunion Technologies.  He is the consummate technologist.  Having worked in the technology industry for 25 years, he comprehensively understands the product development lifecycle.  John leads the architecture design and software development of Reunion Technologies.

Cary Bruestle


In 2003, Cary celebrated the 25th anniversary of her graduation from Princeton University.  With a Master's degree in Computer Science, and over 25 years experience in computer and software engineering, she contributes valuable expertise to Reunion Technologies.  She has built many of the key components to the Bonfire framework, and continues to be a lead architect and developer.



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