Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the mission of Reunion Technologies?
A: To provide hosted software solutions that develop and preserve affinity, participation and loyalty.
Q: What products and solutions does Reunion Technologies offer?
A:  Our premiere product is called Bonfire® and it is available in four different versions:
  • Bonfire® for Yearbooks

  • Bonfire® for Fundraising

  • Bonfire® for Events

  • Bonfire® for Classes
These solutions are set up, managed, and fully supported by Reunion Technologies for our customers.
Q: Is Bonfire® exclusively for the eduction market?
A: We have developed Bonfire® to have unique application for the education sector but the platform can be used by any group.  Even if your group is not in the education sector, please contact us today and we will be happy to help you.
Q: Why can't I pay with my credit card online and start using Bonfire® right away?
A: Unlike some other solutions in the marketplace, Bonfire® is not a commodity product.  We recognize that each client is different and work closely with you to ensure that all of your requirements are met so that you are a completely satisfied customer. 
Q: How secure are Reunion Technologies services and applications?
A: Our offerings are very secure.  We are providing services to many reknown institutions.  We have full-time staff monitoring and managing our systems.
Q: How are your solutions priced?
A: As with any customized package of software and support services, much will depend on how much or how little you require of Reunion Technologies.  Complete packages of web site management including web hosting, content management, site search, analytics and support services are very competitively priced.  Contact us today for a personalized quote.
Q: What is the length of a contract?
A: Reunion Technologies typically offers a one-year or five-year contract for our solutions.  
Q: Does Reunion Technologies offer design, content creation, custom development, or consulting services?
A: Yes.  Reunion Technologies has partnered with a number of quality firms who offer these services.  Our customers always have the option to work with their own design resources or design firm, or contract with one of our partners.  If our customers work with one of our partner firms, Reunion Technologies can also manage and bill directly for these services, acting as a single-source provider.
Q: Can I leave Reunion Technologies if I’m not happy?
A: Absolutely.  However, we think you’ll be more than satisfied with our services.  We average over 95% customer retention year-to-year.
Q: Can I add new web sites to the system over time?
A: Yes.  You can manage multiple web sites using our products and services.
Q: Does Reunion Technologies charge for the number of hits my site gets?
A: No, under most circumstances.   If you are using our solutions, you will have stated limits on the amount of bandwidth available on a monthly basis.  If you exceed those limits on a consistent basis, we’ll let you know and we can upgrade your account if warranted.    Very few customers have such high levels of traffic, though, so for most customers, this isn’t an issue.
Q: Does Reunion Technologies offer training?
A: Yes. We include administrator training with every implementation. Additional classroom training for administrators, end-users or developers is also available, either onsite, or at our location in Princeton, New Jersey.
Q: Does Reunion Technologies offer its applications as installed products?
A: No.  Hosted applications are better managed, better supported, and more cost-effective.  We would have to charge much more for our applications if they were installed, and they wouldn’t come with any support or services.  We are here to do away with installed software applications – not to release new ones.
Q: Does Reunion Technologies release its software as Open Source?
A: No. We deliver our software as a service. If our clients need any changes to the code to accommodate special requests, we are here to make those changes, which we then support as part of our code base. In our opinion, only organizations with very specialized requirements that necessitate the modification and ownership of source-code should consider acquiring that rather than having the support, cost-effectiveness and reliability of a hosted application.
Q: Are Open Source applications less expensive than Software Services?
A: No.  Many Open Source applications are free, but the cost of implementing and supporting an application is typically 2 to 5 times the cost of the software itself.  So, if the software itself is free, that will save 15% to 25% of the cost of a project.  Software Services tend to be in the range of 50% or greater cost savings, when compared to installed applications, and so are typically less expensive than a custom or installed application – even if there is no application license fee.
Q: When was Reunion Technologies founded?
Reunion Technologies was founded on January 1, 2005.
Q: Is Reunion Technologies venture-funded?
A: No.  We were able to fund Reunion Technologies from our prior successes.  This gives Reunion Technologies a big advantage – that of freedom.  We are not subject to the high-risk, high-growth pressures of venture-backed companies.
Q: What is a permanent-membership group?
A: A permanent-membership group is simply a defined group of people that will be related to each other forever.  Many permanent-membership groups are structured around time-based events.  Examples include an academic class that graduates in a specific year, like the Princeton Class of 1992.  Or a championship team from a particular season, like the 2006 Rose Bowl Champion Texas Longhorns.
Q: What is total affinity?
A: Affinity is defined as "a natural attraction, liking or feeling of kinship."  We believe that groups should have members that feel completely connected to the group and each other.  When this connection is complete and there is total affinity, the group becomes like a family.
Q: What is maximum participation?
A: Participation is defined as "the act of taking part or sharing in something."  We believe that all group members have a responsibility to participate in group activities.  When every member shares this belief, the result is maximum participation.
Q: What is fanatical loyalty?
A: Fanatics are characterized by excessive zeal.  When this zeal is combined with loyalty, which is an attitude of devoted attachment and affection, we believe group members will prioritize their support of the group.

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